I am a great advocate and fan of what you guys are doing, with the workshops and practice sessions, both of which are hugely beneficial for anyone starting out on the daunting exercise of preparing – and delivering – a pitch to raise some pre-seed or seed funding.

The helpful and incisive observations, comments and suggestions from you, Anthony and Dan are ‘invaluable’ and definitely worth joining the Exponential Club for –and that’s without me so far being able to attend one of your live events, and start networking!

Ian Champness - Founder Go There Travel

"Really enjoy attending these events. Has helped me build a thriving founder network and best of all I've secured investment from their comprehensive investor network." - 

Ando, Happaning Guy https://www.happaning.com/

"I have been involved with Exponential Events since the launch - I have found them good in networking and have always come away with a positive connection..  I was given the best introduction to date from one of these events, I would highly recommend them to others".

Georgina Bowman - Founder of MyShoots https://myshoots.io/

I recently joined Exponential Club and have attended an excellent networking event at Leadenhall Street, as well as a recent webinar for start ups. On both occasions it was a breath of fresh air to meet such a diverse selection of business entrepreneurs, investors and fundraisers alike. The atmosphere is always extremely positive and has ensured a really worthwhile attendance. I have already made some great contacts and got some excellent advice. I would definitely recommend Exponential if you are serious about networking and want to meet like minded people with a positive approach and aim for a luxury lifestyle.

The Exponential Club has been a completely unique networking experience for me.

 Everyone who I have met through the club has been someone truly committed and capable of growing a successful business: great people to know for many reasons. 

The in-person event is the best I’ve ever been to and the zoom meetings have always introduced me to someone where I’ve had a valuable follow up. 

Nick - Team Hussle


The Exponential Club is a great place to go for networking and events. 

I really enjoyed the first event, and look forward to more face time with investors. 

Neal provides kind care to his attendees as well as in management of the operations of the exponential club.



“My success in previous businesses has always come from organised networking. Having the chance to mix with like minded people in a relaxed and supportive environment is why I’m enjoying the Exponential Club - I recommend you come along”. 

Jon Reynolds - Founder & CEO - Fish Bladder Games


"Great club and well organised events for finding new opportunities. I initially joined Exponential to meet investors, but since closing our funding round I've kept attending the events for the great people!"

Richard Peter - Founder - CompoCloset


"I've had a fantastic experience meeting a wide range of interesting people at the networking events. It's a professional yet relaxed environment where great minds come together. Joining the club could be the step you need to take you to the next level"

Alexander Bell - Entrepreneur


I have really enjoyed taking part in Exponential Club online events and find them informative, supportive, engaging and not overly formal. I’m am really looking forward to attending some of their in-person events, the quality of people attending Exponential’s online events means I know their face to face events will present me with great opportunities!

Kristan Bullett - CEO 

“Neal has created a great network and Exponential’s events are always fun and rewarding.

 Looking forward to attending some live events in 2022”

Steve Evans - XeroE - Founder


Taking part in Neal’s pitch event has been truly exciting. Neal is a friendly and cordial person and has the ability to make anyone feel at ease from the very first moment.

Pitching your own business to investors, which are effectively strangers, is never easy. And there is a lot at steak, you know that your businesses whole future could depend on only one lucky moment. 
And there you are, ready to begin, terrified by the impression you will make and what they will say later. But in Neal's event it doesn't work like that.

With Neal you arrive in a place where a friend introduces you to his friends /investors),and you have the opportunity to propose yourself and your company, to discuss and receive constructive and useful feedback. Without pressure or stress.
I am really grateful to Neal for giving me this opportunity.  Pitching with Neal is an experience that I recommend to all my colleagues.

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